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Get in on the ground floor of an emerging market. EXPERIMAC wants YOU!

Experimac is the innovator in technology sales and service of pre-owned computers, cell
phones and other electronic devices, with a special focus on pre-owned Apple® products.

Anyone can be an Experimac customer, providing many more income opportunities than a
typical retail store or single service cell phone repair franchise, including:
• Sales of pre-owned Apple® computers and devices
• Repair of laptops, phones and tablets
• Trade-ins of existing devices
• Sales of accessories and upgrades

Now is your chance to get in on this exciting, emerging new market!

Multiple Revenue Streams & High-Value Products

Experimac offers a thriving franchise model that is actually two complementary businesses
rolled into one. On the sales side, you will be able to put ownership of highly coveted
pre-owned Apple® products in every customer’s budget. You will take trade-ins and work
with each customer to find the best solution for them.

You will also offer repairs, upgrades and other services, making your store a one-stop
location for all pre-owned Apple® product needs.

Cell Phone Repair Franchise
In our increasingly digital world, our cell phones are our link to friends, family, work,
and everything in between. Experimac provides a necessary service to our customers, who
need a cell phone repair franchise to help with a broken screen, lagging system, or a host
of other problems.

Computer Repair Franchise
A broken computer is incredibly frustrating, and most consumers don’t know where to begin
to try and fix a computer problem. Your Experimac franchise can solve that problem, fixing
your customer’s Apple computers for their own use or for resale. A computer repair
franchise is helpful to your community, and has serious potential to bring in revenue.

Training & Support
You’ll take part in one of the most extensive training programs in the franchise industry,
which includes two weeks of training at our global headquarters in West Palm Beach,
Florida. After that, you’ll get personal one-on-one training right in your store to ensure
you have technical, business and marketing expertise.

Experimac is an Innovator in an Exciting New Space. Call or email today to learn more
about this exciting opportunity.

Reg Butler

0438 189 657

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For more information, please contact:
Reg Butler on 0438 189 657

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