Business Details
Business Type:
Brisbane Near CBD
Great lease until April 2024 + 5 year option

Rent (excl GST):
$6,562 per month + approximately $1,700 per month outgoings
Trading Hours:
Limited trading hours
(Mon – Sat) 6.30am - 2.30pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Closed all public holidays and 3 weeks over Christmas
(Potential to increase trading hours with a considerable
immediate uplift to sales)
Approx Turnover(excl GST):
FY2023 $900,000 + Estimate (Trading 5 days)
FY2022 $772,000
FY2021 $840,000 (affected by Covid-19 and reduced hours)
FY2019 was on target to turnover approximately $1,300,000

Recent sales are $18,000 per week (with reduced hours),
indicating that the business is getting back to normal
Reason for Sale: Downsizing
      General Information

The modern multi-purpose centre near the Brisbane CBD caters to 10,000's of pedestrians
from early morning commuters, regular shoppers, day trippers, office and area workers,
students, 7 days a week.

In addition to a guaranteed constant pedestrian flow for years to come, there are 1,000 -
2,000 office workers practically at your doorstep.

This Bakery is one of Brisbane’s best sources for freshly baked loaves, including a
coveted range of stone-baked sourdough, French and Italian breads, cakes and pastries,
which are second to none.

The front counter is filled with treats of all kinds, including tarts, cheesecakes and
doughnuts, as well as savory options including gourmet pies.

Features of the business include:

This is not a franchise bakery - NO franchise and advertising fees to pay, sometimes
amounting to around 12% of turnover!

Currently no 3rd party deliveries. Potential to introduce!

The fit-out is a full bakery, and has been set up by a passionate owner

Product mix estimate
Pies 40%
Cakes 25%
Breads 10%
Coffee 20% (Merlo 55kg per week)
Cold Drinks 5%

Staffing is currently under full management with 2 full-time + 5 casuals (varies)

Potential Return to an Owner/Operator
FY2022 $172,000 EBITDA (Closed 5 weeks)
FY2021 $167,000 EBITDA (Covid affected)
FY2020 $170,000 EBITDA (Covid affected)
FY2019 $220,000 EBITDA

Bank finance of up to 50% could be a available to approved applicants

ASKING PRICE $350,000 + SAV (approximately $6,000)

For more information, please contact

Reg Butler
0438 189 657

Asking Price:
$350,000 + SAV
For more information, please contact:
Reg Butler on 0438 189 657

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